Professional Audio Cable Solutions

“I play a '62 Fender Jazz Bass through a Sadowsky Preamp, a Walter Woods 1200 watt head and a Epifani 2x12 cabinet...but I have to admit after using your cables, it sounded even better. Much more of everything, punch, bottom, mids, highs and harmonics. It was as if someone took a blanket off the front of my speaker cabinet.”

Earl Greco, Top Session Player

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Electric Guitar Cable

Electric Guitar CableHigher conductivity renders a stronger, thicker tone. Mogami 2524 low noise musical instrument cable is terminated with a specific solder and assembly technique to the bullet proof G&H standard plug, using a special process for higher conductivity. Highs are cleaner, mids are richer, and lows are tighter, resulting in a sound that is fatter coming out of the last stomp box. The standard plug with a tin coating on the positive tab renders a sound that is desirable for most electric guitar players. A high-end glaze is responsible for the percussive attack (the "tw" of the twang) and tone that is most common and often essential to the electric sound. More signal will get through this high conductivity cable giving you more options for tone.

To achieve the highest fidelity, PACS recommends a specific cable length of 14.5 feet.