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“I play a '62 Fender Jazz Bass through a Sadowsky Preamp, a Walter Woods 1200 watt head and a Epifani 2x12 cabinet...but I have to admit after using your cables, it sounded even better. Much more of everything, punch, bottom, mids, highs and harmonics. It was as if someone took a blanket off the front of my speaker cabinet.”

Earl Greco, Top Session Player

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PACS UBASS Upright Bass Cable

PACS UBASS Upright Bass Cable

It has always been a challenge for upright bass players to "dial in" a satisfying tone when using a pickup. Distortion and coloration from traditional cables are a big part of the problem.

PACS discovered that a standard musical instrument cable limited the tone. The signal strength of the average upright bass allows for a cable of higher fidelity and a certain fidelity to noise ratio. The UBASS cable is not designed for electric bass with passive electronics. PACS has designed a low noise EBASS cable for that application. The UBASS cable is Mogami 2549 microphone cable with a double positive schematic. Using a special assembly process the cable is carefully terminated to a Cardas plug. Cable direction is also established, and clearly labeled to insure the highest fidelity.

Upright bass players can now enjoy an amplified tone that is much closer to the acoustic sound of the instrument. The department of Jazz Studies at the Juliard School requested that this cable be issued to all upright bass players, faculty and students.

Additional Upgrades PACS had the honor of working with Ron Carter during the development stages of this cable. It is important to note that the UBASS cable is only one link in the chain of your sound. The overall sound can be upgraded further by improving the internal speaker wiring of the Cabinet, amp To speaker connection, and the quality of the power cable. All of these upgrades were installed on Mr. Carter's rig. Contact PACS for additional information.

To achieve the highest fidelity, PACS recommends a specific cable length of 15 feet.