Professional Audio Cable Solutions

“When we delivered our Flite speaker cabinet to Ron Carter, we included a PACS acoustic instrument cable and a special design PACS speaker cable. The combination allows for clean and natural sounding amplification of the acoustic upright bass.”

Gerry Suprenant, Flite Sound

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Electric Guitar

Cables designed specifically to match your instrument and achieve a truly desirable sound.

Electric Guitar Cable

PACSElectric Guitar Cable Higher conductivity renders a stronger, thicker tone

Starting at 14.5 feet for $134.40 (Recommended Length)

Electric Guitar Interconnect

PACSElectric Guitar Interconnect Specifically designed to reduce signal loss from a guitar player's pedal board to amplifier

Starting at 14.5 feet for $134.40 (Recommended Length)

Electric Guitar Speaker Cable

PACSElectric Guitar Speaker Cable G&H Plug with a copper positive

Starting at $37.00