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“Hearing is believing! Forget about what you thought you knew about the function of the everyday, garden variety microphone cable. PACS has created a new engineering standard for the transmission and reproduction of sound.”

Mike Panasuk, Nashville

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Speaker Cable

Speaker CablePACS tested many different speaker cables, while considering input from several major artists. The result of the R&D is easy to hear. This PACS speaker cable will give you less distortion, tighter bass, and greater clarity and detail for any instrument or vocal. It should be noted that, as with any speaker cable, the shorter the length, the better the sound. Custom lengths are available to insure the best tone.

If your amplifier has more than one speakon output, listen and determine which one sounds the best. Most of the time, one output will sound better than the other because of the internal wiring. The low end of the bass is tighter from the cleaner speaker output.