Professional Audio Cable Solutions

“I play a '62 Fender Jazz Bass through a Sadowsky Preamp, a Walter Woods 1200 watt head and a Epifani 2x12 cabinet...but I have to admit after using your cables, it sounded even better. Much more of everything, punch, bottom, mids, highs and harmonics. It was as if someone took a blanket off the front of my speaker cabinet.”

Earl Greco, Top Session Player

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Warranty Information


A limited lifetime warranty applies to the original purchaser of any PACS cable in the event of a defect of workmanship or materials. Include a description of the problem, proof of purchase, your name and return shipping address with the cable, and ship it to:

37 Highland St. Extension
Moosup, CT

The cable will be repaired or replaced at PACS’ discretion and returned postage paid. Caution: Home repairs would likely reduce the sonic quality of the cable because the choice of solder and assembly process is critical. PACS is responsible only for work done by PACS.